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Alastair Gordon

Alastair Gordon is co-founder of Morphē Arts, a painter and art tutor at Leith School of Art. He works from his studio in  South London and exhibits with galleries and art fairs across the UK, Europe and the US. Artist Website


Cully McCulloch

Cully is co-founder of Morphē Arts. He is based in Dundee but also works with artists in Glasgow and Edinburgh. His multi-disciplinary art practice includes print and sculpture and encompasses the programming of two alternative gallery spaces - Nomas* Projects and Sharing Not Hoarding - with a focus on the role of the artist in society. Artist Website


Eleanor Young

Eleanor is an actress and theatre maker specialising in physical comedy and self-created theatre. She is co-director of Beside Ourselves Collective, a female clown duo with Kate Mounce. She has worked as a mentor to actors and performers of faith for Morphē Arts since 2017.


Sarah White

Sarah has been working for Morphē Arts since 2012 as a mentor to visual artists. She is based in London and completed her MA in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art in 2016. Sarah has a multi-disciplinary arts practice across dance, sculpture, installation and critical writing. Artist Website

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Alexandra Lucas

Alex Lucas is fascinated with the simple action of weaving. Having studied woven textiles, she’s continuing her practice but on an ancient back-strap loom. Being part of the loom means that she is very physically part of the weaving process, and that is what excites and drives her work. Website

Amy Le Rossignol

Amy is a composer-lyricist, writer and pianist. She writes musicals and plays that aim to raise awareness of issues and empower people, and she specialises musically in the realms of musical theatre and jazz. Online Music

Angela Harvey

Angela Harvey is a London based actor and writer, with a love of stage combat. Angela has a one woman show 'Building Relationships' (By Susie Pottinger), and has written several monologues, and short plays. She is currently finishing writing her first full length play. Online Profile.

Beside Ourselves Collective

Beside Ourselves is Eleanor Young and Kate Mounce. They make funny, personal and female-led clown theatre which plays with themes of faith and embodiment. Company Website

Catherine Rowney

Catherine Rowney is a London based Actor. She loves articulate language, whether dramatic or comedic, and meaningful story telling that influences and uplifts. On the side she is writing a screenplay and has expanded her lockdown offering with a home voice recording set up. Actor Profile

Catriona MacKenzie

Catriona MacKenzie currently resides in the Cairngorms. Drawing from observation, memory and imagination, her work explores the interplay between word and image; seen and unseen realities; the epic and the everyday; the sublime and the personal; lamentation and praise. Artist Website

David Gilbert

David Gilbert is a director and theatre maker from Zimbabwe who's worked with the top leading theatres in London over the past five years. David's core focus in any and all of his work now is collaboration. Online Work

Donna Matthews

Donna Matthews is a musician and video artist whose work explores improvisation as a form of contemplation. She is currently studying a practice-based PhD in Theology where she explores differences/similarities between aesthetic and spiritual experience. Online Music

Freya Storch

Freya Storch is a writer and actor who trained at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Her writing explores human relationships using parallel social landscapes and alternate realities: exploring what drives the human condition, particularly when tested by restrictions placed by society and governments. Actor Profile and Website

Kelly Frank

Kelly Frank is a British painter whose sensitive portraits capture the layered personalities of her sitters. Kelly explores portraiture through the lens of a psychologist and investigator, and her portraits of friends and family focus on their vulnerabilities. Artist Website

Magdalena Gluszak

Magdalena Gluszak is a painter with an MA from Wimbledon School of Art. Through painting she explores identity in relation to space and time. By depicting personal moments within landscapes, I question the idea of belonging as a fluctuation between the past and the continuous state of becoming of the present moment. Artist Website

Michael Coppelov

Michael Coppelov is a London based painter recently studying on the Turps Banana Painting Programme. His paintings are reminiscent of 80’s computer games: flat colours combined with harsh shadows and highlights, and are influenced in by Borges' story On Exactitude in Science concerning the map-territory relation. Artist Website

Nathalia Bell

Nathalia Bell is a Canadian-German artist filmmaker with an Experimental Film MA from Kingston School of Art. Her background is multi-disciplinary across Theology, Literature, and History and she creates poetic film-collages, featuring ruminative landscapes that juxtapose mythology, history, and philosophy with contemporary states of ennui. Artist Website

Nikolai Azariah

Nikolai Azariah a Finnish-English video artist and director whose work explores poetry, identity, place and memory, navigating myth to make sense of the world. His film installations have been shown recently at the Deptford X Fringe, Husk Gallery, and the APT Gallery, London. Artist Website

Philip Elbourne

Philip Elbourne is a visual artist whose paintings explore the boundaries between verbal and visual language, focusing on objects that exist on the periphery of recognition and which delineate the limits of shared cultural experience. Artist Website

Ranulph Steiger

Ranulph Steiger's paintings meditate on absent and withheld experiences. The paintings are made with a projected image, traced on gessoed plywood. Washes of thin egg tempera are then applied to the panel.

Rupert Embleton-Smith

Having studied at London College of Music, Rupert now writes music mainly for television. His work has featured on BBC, ITV and Channel 4 and continues to be aired across the globe. Online Music

Ruth Helen Smith

Ruth Smith works as a painter, and is currently starting a new gallery and residency programme in Devon. Ruth is interested in the relationship between humans and the material world: how we shape matter, write meaning into it, and are shaped by it. Artist Website

Sophie Steel

Sophie Steel is a Meisner trained actor with a passion for text based and ensemble work. Her many-stringed bow includes cabaret, puppetry and lindy hop. The Great Lockdown of 2020 has also rekindled her art career and love of creating handmade lino prints. Actor Profile

Uli Jaeger

Uli Jaeger is a visual artist based in Kent/UK and Germany. Her work explores the liminal spaces where art and play meet within the context of the everyday. During the past two years her practice has evolved from sculpture to print making (primarily etching). Online Work

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