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Margins 2

Morphē Writers Collective

A collection of stories from authors in the Morphē Arts writers group

The second in the Margins collection of anthologies of short writings by members of the Morphe Arts writers group. Published between 2014 and 2017 as risograph books with accompanying photography.


Editorial Note:

The broad theme of Margins 2, is 'Difference and Dialogue'. Using the demanding format of the very short story, writers continue to enter into other's personae to explore questions that haunt us.

The themes are really too big for any of us, but they are never far from our daily experience. Should we rage against injustice, or against death, or do we wearily give in to them as part of a meaningless, unjust existence? Why are human beings capable of altruism and vicious selfishness? Why are we surprised by one and not the other? Why do we yearn for intimacy and yet turn so abruptly to anger and hatred?

The writers in this book play out these questions in very ordinary circumstances. A woman runs to a neighbour to try to escape marital abuse. Another faces down a crowd of staring men. Circumstances force a man to switch abruptly from self-hatred hedonism to reluctant altruism. A patient kept awake by the noise of a dying woman, is caught between resentment and sympathy.


Published September 2015.

Edited by Nigel Halliday.

Contributors: Faith Amurao, Iain Drummond, Anita Jean, Peter D Marsay, Charlotte Mayhew, Ed Mayhew, Kate Mounce, Kate Poulton, Hannah Rowe, Amy Stimson, Bianca Walker, Molly Wyer.

Photography by Anita Jean.

Designed by Piero Regnante.


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Side view, Margins 2

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