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Make Good Talk: AI, Theology and the Arts

7:00 pm

St Barnabas Dalston, London

An evening of talks and discussion on AI, Theology and the Arts

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Join us for an evening with Theologian Nathan Mladin (Senior Researcher at Theos Think Tank), Artist Corrine Chan (MFA graduate from the Slade School of Art), and James Doc (Head of Technology at Vixen Labs).

You will hear from each of them about their specialisms and research, and then there will be time for discussion and questions.

More details and booking to follow.

7pm for food

7.30-9pm for the talks.


Nathan Mladin |

Nathan is Senior Researcher at the Christian think tank Theos and Visiting Lecturer in Theological Ethics at St Mellitus College. He holds a PhD in systematic theology from Queen's University Belfast, with a thesis that brings improvised theatre in conversation with the theology of divine action. His current research, speaking, and writing focus on technology ethics, AI, and theology of culture.

"It is becoming a cliche to say that AI is prompting us to ask afresh the question of what it means to be human. AI is also, I believe, prompting us to reexamine the nature of creativity, art, and the role of the artist. I will structure my reflections around the following questions: are generative AI outputs truly creative? Can they be considered art? If so, under what conditions? What is the role of the artist, when significant parts of the creative process can be automated?"

Corrine Chan | www.corrinechan.com

Corrine is a London-based Taiwanese artist who works primarily with performance and multimedia installation. She received a BA in Fine Art & History of Art from Goldsmiths University, and is a recent MFA graduate at Slade School of Fine Art. Her practice often takes the form of spatial interventions that scrutinise the underlying tension and power dynamics in social ecology. She has exhibited works in The Wrong Biennale, ATP Gallery, and BI-BOx Art Space in Italy.

Corrine will give a performative presentation on a selected body of works. Uncovering ways in which modern technology permeates her practice and impacts our perpetual search for what constitutes being human.

James Doc | www.jamesdoc.com

James is a developer and designer based in London. He has been working in teams, building digital tools and services for businesses, charities, and agencies such as the V&A, Dyson, Nespresso, Alpha International, and more. He is working as the Head of Technology at Vixen Labs, an agency focusing on building on top of AI tools such as large language models to create intuitive conversational interfaces. In his spare time, he co-leads Kingdom Code, a group bringing together Christians to explore and think about the intersection of their faith and tech.

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