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Nomas* Projects

The windows of 9a Ward Road, Dundee, DD1 1LP

Nomas* Projects is a five-window gallery space run by artists Cully McCulloch and Owen Daily. 

This experimental project provides a platform for Contemporary Art in a broad range of media.

Initially, in partnership with The McManus Gallery, we are now working with the wider arts communities in Dundee. Through exhibitions, events and artists’ talks, our aim has always been to offer an opportunity to investigate the role of art in society, to engage with ideas, to learn from the experiences of others and to be part of a relevant conversation in the arts. It is hoped that this project will contribute to the growing cultural life of the visual arts in Dundee, by showing strong contemporary work from around the UK and abroad.

*Greek nomas, nomad- ‘roaming in search of pasture’, from the base of nemein ‘to pasture’.

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