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Submissions Open for Second Edition of Agnoscis Journal

Deadline 01 Dec 2022


Submissions are now open for the second edition of the new Agnoscis Journal.

Morphe Arts has recently launched the Agnoscis Journal, created by Sarah White. This is an online journal of practice-led writing across art, philosophy and Christian faith and theology. You can view the journal at www.agnoscisjournal.org

Submissions are now open for the second edition of the journal. 

The deadline for submissions to the second edition is 1 Dec 2022. However we would appreciate expressions of interest before this date.

Contact Sarah at sarah@morphearts.org. To apply please submit the following information in a word document or audio file:

1. Title of Essay

2. Short bio (500 words)

3. Full written essay (4000 words max) or written essay proposal (1000 words)

or an Audio file - full discussion or proposal of your research (30 minutes max)

4. Preliminary bibliography

Essays/ideas do not need to be complete at this stage of submisson.

5. Links to any online portfolio of your art practice or other writing.

Morphē Arts is a network of artists which encourages collaborative research and practice, and the communal support of artists/writers. If your essay is selected for the journal you will then be asked to participate in a process of discussion, feedback and editing with the other writers and supporters of the journal before the essays are published.

The journal editions will be curated projects and as such not all submissions will be right for the particular projects we are currently developing, however we will keep them in mind for future editions. We are conscious to protect your research and writing, and as such, if your essay is not to be entered into the journal it will not be passed on beyond the Morphē Arts staff team or one Morphē Arts trustee. We will ask your permission to keep the essay on file for possible future editions.

If writing isn't your primary way of communication we also accept audio recordings of ideas and research you are pursuing. Please send us an audio file detailing or summarising your current research and we will be in touch to explore how this could develop into a transcript, recorded dialogue or something similar.  

Morphē Arts is a non-for-profit charity which provides support and mentoring for graduate and early career artists. We are continually seeking funding for the development of projects, including the Agnoscis Journal which currently has been developed through the generosity of all contributors. At the current time we do not have funds to pay contributors for their writing but are actively seeking funding to make this possible. If you would like to financially support the journal please contact Sarah.

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