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The Things We Burn

Mirriam Ettrick

Poetry book; 15 sonnets exploring lament

Available to buy through Paypal or Amazon £9.99 (plus p&p)

The Things We Burn

By Miriam Ettrick

“What can newness discover from burning

when a charred stump is all that we’ve left?”

In this beautifully imaged collection of sonnets and photography, The Things We Burn charts the cycle of regret, renewal and reconciliation through landscapes of smoke and memory.

“Calvin Seerveld wonderfully challenged artists of all stripes to “ fire your art until it emits sparks that warm, or burn, those it reaches.” In common with poets since the dawn of time, Miriam Ettrick has found herself provoked and inspired in equal measure by the ephemeral shifts in the natural world, to the extent that she understands herself and life better. And so, mutatis mutandis, we do ourselves. Even on a first read-through of this vivid meander, I found myself both burned and warmed.”

Mark Meynell, writer and author When Darkness Seems My Closest Friend

“The Things We Burn is an immaculate, ingenious, and involved act of witness: of a landscape of suffering and reprieve, of ash and fire and leaves, expressed dazzlingly through a forestial crown of sonnets.”

David Morley, winner of the Ted Hughes Award

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