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Margins 1

Morphē Writers Collective

A collection of stories from authors in the Morphē Arts writers group

The first in the Margins collection of anthologies of short writings by members of the Morphē Arts writers group. Published between 2014 and 2017 as risograph books with accompanying photography.


Editorial Note:

One of the services that writers can offer is to show us things we have missed, to imagine things we haven't thought of, to ask questions that have not occured to us.

It might be anything from a simple shape seen in nature to a complex emotional respose to life; from a new combination of ideas to a frank challenge to our values. Perhaps afterwards we may recognise these things for ourselves in our daily lives, and stop and admire or ponder them.

The authors in this first edition of Margins were all set the same challenge: to write a short story on the theme of 'margins' itself, in less than 500 words. It is a tough assignment, but one that imposes a creative focus. You can only talk about one thing, set a mood, explore an emotion, create one moment of conflict.

The writers in this collective are all Christians. Wheras some people in the name of Christianity take a rather limited and even judgemental view of the outside world, these writers display intelligent and sympathetic concern for those living on the margins of life. What does it feel like on the edge of an alien culture, or of your own social group? How would you respond to the abrupt intrusion of mortality into your expectations? If God is good, why is life so frustrating?

You will find that not all narrators share their author's worldview, and it is with this conflict and irony that they invite you to explore their questions.


Published February 2014.

Edited by Nigel Halliday.

Contributors: Iain Drummond, Matthew Friett, Anita Jea, Peter D Marsay, Ed Mayhew, Kate Mounce, Kate Poulton, Hannah Rowe, Amy Stimson and Bianca Walker.

Photography by Ella Dickinson.

Designed by Piero Regnante


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Side view, Margins 1

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