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Margins 3

Morphē Writers Collective

A collection of stories from authors in the Morphē Arts writers group

The third in the Margins collection of anthologies of short writings by members of the Morphe Arts writers group. Published between 2014 and 2017 as risograph books with accompanying photography.


Editorial Note:

For this third edition of Margins the authors were asked to take the theme of 'Crowds'. 

Reading these stories reminded me of the classic line from Crocodile Dundee: with so many millions of people living in New York, that must be a real friendly place. Most of us live with crowds, but few of us enjoy them. Sometimes we fight pur way through. Sometimes we shy away, for fear of the violence or infection they may threaten. And at particularly hideous moments we find the whole crowd has stopped and turned to look directly at us.

At yet we don't like to be alone either, where the only crowd is the crowd of memories.


Published October 2017.

Edited by Nigel Halliday. 

Contributors: Anita Jean, Ed Mayhew, Bianca Munghal Singh, Victoria Marsay, Peter D Marsay, Amy Stimson, Molly Wyer, Iain Drummond, Daniel Peterson and Matthew Friett.

Photography by Kieran Dodds.

Designed by James Watts.

Side View, Margins 3

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