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Artist Bursaries

Rolling Deadline 9:30 am every Monday morning

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The Morphē Arts Benevolent Fund has been set up to support artists whose income has been affected by Covid-19.

Morphē Arts Benevolent Fund | Grant giving Criteria | 2020

The Morphē Arts Benevolent Fund has been set up to support artists whose income has been affected by loss of earnings due to Covid-19 restrictions. Grants will be awarded as Morphē directors respond to applicants judged to be in greatest need and to the best of our knowledge.

The fund has been running since March with a rolling deadline at 9.30am every Monday morning for the foreseeable future. Following the guidelines below, email both Ally and Cully to apply: ally@morphearts.org and cully@morphearts.org

Download guidelines here.

- Grants will be made available at £200 each.

- Up to Ten grants will be awarded each week only if and when the funds are available. Grants will be split proportionally between Scotland and London based on where applicants are based or at the directors’ discretion. Grants can also be given to artists in other parts of the country.

- Grants can be applied for at any time but most likely after an invitation date announcement made by Morphē staff.

- Each applicant must express their personal situation in two or three paragraphs (150-200 words) outlining specific details about where earnings have been or will be lost due to Covid-19 restrictions.

- If more than 10 applications are received per week, the first 10 will be selected using the guidelines set out. Those eligible but not selected in the first 10 will be carried forward for further consideration the following week.

Guidelines for Eligibility

1. Artists who have lost income and potential income in the future through work being cancelled as a result of Covid-19 restrictions. E.g. music gigs, theatre performances, exhibitions cancelled. This can also include loss of income from hospitality jobs where that job supplements an intentional art practice/career.

2. Artists within the Morphē network.
- Those who attend regular events or mentoring.
- Those who are connected to Morphē through prayer or giving support.
- Those who have attended events in the past but are unable to now and who still
have an on-going connection with the Morphē staff or network.

3. Artists indirectly connected to Morphē network but have been recommended by someone in the Morphē network. A short letter of recommendation should accompany the application in this case.

4. Artists who do not hold to a Christian worldview but have a strong link to a member of Morphē staff or artist in the network. They have shown an interest in the relationship between art and faith. Any grant given in this category will be considered on the basis of the recommendation by the staff member or Morphē artist. A short letter of recommendation should accompany applications in this case.

5. Artists who are benefitting from the government Coronavirus Job Retention Program (CJRP) or other similar income sources are welcome to apply but grants will be awarded to those judged to be in the greatest need and at the discretion of directors.

6. Artists can re-apply for a grant even if they have been given one previously. The priority, however, will be given to first time applicants. Repeat applications will only be considered after two weeks have passed since previous grant award.

All grants will be awarded at the discretion of Morphē directors. Flexibility will be retained to adapt these criteria as the Covid-19 situation develops.

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