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Artist Groups

Artist Group Crits

Mondays and Fridays

In person and online at Zoom.

Gain feedback on your art practice in these regular group crits for visual artists.

Please contact Sarah if you are interested in joining this group: sarah@morphearts.org.

A core part of our work at Morphē is professional mentoring for graduate and early-career artists. Part of this involves regular group crits for artists, creating a space for practitioners to share their current work and ideas for the future, and to gain critical feedback from fellow artists and peers. From September 2021 we will have a flexible system for this group, with options for meeting both in person and online. As we now have the capacity to meet online we are now able to invite artists from across the UK and abroad. The group is led by arts mentor Sarah White.

2023 Dates:

30th Jan, 8-9pm, Online.

27th Feb, 7-8pm, Online.

13th March, 3pm, In London (in person)

April, tbc

May, tbc

June, tbc

Zoom Link for online crits.

Meeting ID: 962 033 3390

Passcode: 2ckjVN

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