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Artist Groups

Critical Theory Group

Second Monday of every month, 7:00 - 8:30 pm
7:00 pm

Online at Zoom | Link here

Art theory, philosophy and theology discussion group led by Sarah White.

*Group officially paused until 2021 during the curation of the Stand-In Journal - contact Sarah for details of related discussions*

This group has been running since 2018 and was created to form a space for open discussion and interrogation of critical theory, art theory and philosophy texts. The group is primarily for those who identify as Christians - or are interested in the Christian faith - as a space to understand and engage these texts with the further intention of considering them in dialogue with contemporary art practice and with Christian theology. The group is seen as a starting point for grappling with these texts and to build a community of arts practitioners and thinkers who can do the work needed to create critical conversations concerned with theological thinking and practice, and the contemporary arts. Texts are set each month and emailed to the group prior to the meeting. The group is run by arts mentor Sarah White.

Contact Sarah for more information or to be added to mailing list.

The Stand-In Journal is an offshoot of this group and is due to be launched in 2021. More information on the journal and how to submit a text can be found here.

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