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Stand-In Journal

Submissions Deadline: 31 July 2020

Submissions open for the new Morphē Arts online journal

Submissions Document available here.

Stand-In is a peer-reviewed journal which comes from the friendship, practice, faith, discussion and disagreement of artists associated with Morphe Arts. The journal is an engagement with contemporary art theory and practice, and the philosophical and sociological foundations upon which it is built: but with a particular attention to unmasking the latent theology within this arena.

This journal is particularly concerned with the theological, as it refers to the Christian tradition and experience of faith, and seeks to engage with current art practice and criticism. Without disregarding their intellectual significance, our focus is intentionally not on art history or art made within the church. We are intent on expanding the vocabularies (and methodologies) that underpin the interdisciplinary conceptual project we are undertaking.

Without defining the parameters of the writing too much, the journal will primarily publish critical writing about the specific practices of contemporary artists, alongside research-based experimental writing which seeks to unveil the theological within contemporary art theory and practice.

The journal is published within the context of Morphē Arts, but the writing does not necessarily reflect the position of this organisation. Rather, it exists as a platform for the research, thinking and exploration of the writers and artists involved, and for the conversations which arise between them.

We are conscious of our existence within a context which is lacking in voices of those who come from different backgrounds to us, and as such will continually seek to give voice to those who are unheard, as they speak into the specific framework described above.

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