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Hadau: Welsh Arts Festival

1-3 March 2024

Urban Crofters, Cardiff

Hosted by Urban Crofters in collaboration with Morphé Cymru.

Hadau, meaning ‘seeds’, is the inaugural Welsh Arts Festival hosted by Urban Crofters in collaboration with Morphé Cymru.

More information on the event website: www.urbancrofters.co.uk/hadau

Across the weekend of 1-3 March, Hadau will showcase a wide variety of Welsh Art in an exhibition, conference, workshops and seminars. The theme is 'doing a new thing'. This will be an opportunity for artists of all mediums to experiment and collaborate with other artists and branch out in new and exciting areas of work; from combining photography with music, painting with video art - we are open to all suggestions!

The Hadau Festival will begin with the opening of the Art Exhibition on the Friday night. This will be our first opportunity to celebrate the work, meet the artsits and enjoy an evening of drinks, socialising and performance. The evening will be free to attend and there will be a paid bar. Saturday will be a full-day conference including keynote a keynote speaker (Ted Turnau), workshops and seminars plus a dinner and dance in the evening.

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