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Artist Groups

Morphē Cymru

One Monday a month, 7pm | Cardiff

Crofts St. Cardiff, CF24 3DZ

A gathering of artists and creative practitioners based in Cardiff and the surrounding area.

Conversation over Supper | Siarad dros Swper


Lois Adams and Nate Orr host a gathering of artists based in Cardiff and the surrounding area, one Monday evening per month starting at 7pm.

There will be a show and tell of works across disciplines and relevant discussion related to art and faith, taking place at Urban Crofters Church on Crofts St. Cardiff, CF24 3DZ, around good food and company.

Occasionally we meet at one another's upcoming events, gigs or exhibitions.

The gathering is free but a small donation towards the meal is welcomed.
To make sure we have enough chairs and food please let us know by booking on this link here or contact Nate or Lois.

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