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MAKE GOOD: Big Story Little Film

8:00 pm

Online. Zoom Meeting ID: 812 4199 8467 Passcode: 545418

An interactive lecture with Luke Walton from The Pitch as part of our MAKE GOOD lecture series

In a time of Pandemic, creativity and the arts will be critical to the lament, the healing, and the hope of society. But this is neither a new experience nor an untold story. Scripture contains fascinating accounts and material that could prove rich sources for adaptation. Luke will offer some thoughts on adapting original material for the screen, and consider some particular insights on literature, genre, narratives and themes. He will be using examples from some of the films he has produced as a spring board to wider discussions about storytelling and the silver screen.

Luke Walton is founder and director of The Pitch Film fund. Developed in 2008, The Pitch has focused on nurturing and developing emerging talent, adding additional benefits for participants including master classes and residential film study courses.

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