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The Taste of Home in the Wandering Body

15-23 June 2019

All Saint's Church, Wandsworth, London

Exhibition of sculpture, film, painting and performance featuring artists from the Morphē network.

Exhibition curated by Alastair Gordon and Sarah White. 

Featuring work by Nikolai Azariah, Mikey Dohyun Baek, Nathalia Bell, James Clow, Alastiar Gordon, Lydia Hiorns, Cez McKend, Louisa Styliandi and Sarah White.


The Taste of Home in the Wandering Body navigated the space of the All Saint's church building in Wandsworth. The works looked back through the oscillating lenses of reality and fiction contained within the perceptions of memory and myth. They re-told the stories of individual lives and experiences, interweaved with the narratives embedded in our collective consciousness: as story forms and embeds in the mind and the body as the vehicle through which we make sense of and perceive the world.

The works activated and stimulated the vulnerability, fragility and sensations of the body, alongside the fluctuations in our memory, sense and perception: as we relate to one another and the charged liturgical space of the church. Articulations of experiences shifted between the corporate and the individual, and the symbiosis of the two: struggling with the pertinent intimacy between the theological narratives of existence and the personal stories of individual experience.

The symbolism and illusion of matter, and its ontological significance, was exposed throughout the works in the forms of pigment, clay, salt, sand, water and fire. The substances alternate between the tangible and the illusory, reconfiguring perception of space, memory and matter.

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